It gives OM Group great pleasure to share with all of our members and volunteers, the Sewa Day Pioneer Award that was presented to OM Group, at the Houses of Parliament on the 20th of March 2013. The award is recognition of OM's Sewa Day at the Keech Hospice, where as a voluntary group of 107 we contributed to making the hospice a more brighter, cleaner and more harmonious environment for the residents. (OM Group were selected from 100's of other projects/groups across the world).

This Sewa Day Pioneer Award is testament to the selfless service by you, all of our volunteers, the Keech Hospice and OM Group. So please share with us this very proud moment for Luton!

Sewa Day is a wonderfully powerful concept that we are honoured and privileged to be a part of. Our sincerest hope is that the success of Sewa Day continues to go from strength to strength, growing within our communities but ultimately within our daily lives to really "BE THE CHANGE". Chairperson Vikas Acharya added "Dedicating time to help others truly does make a difference - I thank all our volunteers and encourage by calling the future generations to follow".

Shree Sanatan Sewa Samaj (Luton Mandir) were also nominated so in fact out of 1000's of projects Luton was a region that was deeply recognised globally where Sewa proved to be popular!

Watch out for further information soon.